Technical Support

The Center for Community Health Alignment (CCHA) is here to provide support to your organization as you are getting started in this process to identify the correct CHW program that best suits the needs of your organization. CCHA can support your team and organization to take essential steps to learn about Community Health Workers (CHWs) and how to effectively recruit, hire, and orient them within your organization. We can support your organization to identify champions within your team, staff, and organizational leadership to implement a new CHW program or to expand your existing CHW program.

CCHA provides expertise and consultation in the following areas:

We are here to Assist.

Designing Community Health Worker Programs

Working Effectively with Community Health Workers

  • Developing new or revising existing workflows
  • Assessing individual and community needs and identifying populations that CHWs can serve.
  • Establishing CHW Caseloads
  • Documenting CHW Activities
  • Establishing effective team communication and feedback loops.

Understanding Screening and Responding to Social Determinants of Health

  • Facilitation of a planning process for screening and responding to SDOH needs.
  • Assessment for fit for organizations to determine which screening tool(s) provide the best fit based on individual needs (g., identifying domains to screen for).
  • Assessment of organizational capacity to address SDOH (organizational services, resources and closing the loop on referrals).

Showing Impact and Sustaining CHW Programs

  • Show Impact of Community Health Worker Programs
  • Identifying the Best Approaches for Sustainable Financing Strategies
  • Evaluation and Return on Investment