CHW Supervisor Training FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CHW Supervisor Training ?

Our CHW Supervisor Training is for those overseeing community health workers who want to more effectively support their team. This training is centered around best practices for supervising CHWs, not to be confused with training to learn how to supervise.

Why should someone take Supervisor Training ?

This training provides CHW supervisors with a deeper understanding of the roles CHWs serve in the communities they work with. Further, we address common challenges and how to maximize opportunities for growth.

What is the standard price of CHW Supervisor Training ?
How long is CHW Supervisor Training ?

Training is 9 hours total. Broken up into 1.5 hr. sessions over 6 days. Typically offered over a 2-week span on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Where is CHW Supervisor Training ?

Currently this training is being held virtually, via Zoom. CHWI is looking to transition to in-person training in 2023.

How do I register for CHW Supervisor Training ?

Follow this link for registration

When is the next CHW Supervisor Training ?

Please visit our Current Trainings calendar or click here to see the next available training dates.