Equity through Meaningful Community Engagement

EMCE (Equity through Meaningful Community Engagement) is helping bridge the assets, knowledge and resources of communities, organizations and systems. EMCE focuses on advancing meaningful community engagement strategies and co-creating innovative models to help communities lead decision-making and change efforts in their communities. EMCE also assists organizations in gaining a deeper knowledge and practice of meaningful community engagement.

EMCE seeks to engage and empower communities by:

  • Developing, co-creating, and testing innovative approaches to address inequalities and enhance authentic community engagement with communities through the creation of resources;
  • Bridging the assets, knowedge, and resources of communities, organizations, and systems to better understand and address inequities through processes such as research, evaluation, and other consensus building activities; and
  • Building the capacity of organizations to ensure that interactions with communities are meaningful and equitable and that community members are better equipped to advocate for their communities

EMCE works to advance equity through community engagement initiatives with a variety of organizations and community members. Several of these ongoing initiatives include: