CHW Training Opportunities 

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A Community Health Worker is a trusted member of the community who empowers their peers through education and connections to health and social resources. The Community Health Worker Institute (CHWI) supports the advancement of the CHW workforce through training, coaching, showing impact in communities, and working in partnership with clinical teams. The CHWI’s training team is made up of Certified Community Health Workers (CCHWs) with years of experience. These trained professionals craft course curriculums that utilize the C3 project as a guideline, incorporate popular education and adult learning techniques that stress the importance of peer-to-peer learning throughout, and have been vetted by as well as co-created with CCHWs in the field.

CHW Core Competency Training

The Community Health Worker Core Competency Training Curriculum provides participants with the foundational knowledge necessary to begin work as a Community Health Worker (CHW) and provides an avenue to certification eligibility. After all phases of training have been completed, training participants will be prepared to sit for the South Carolina Community Health Worker Exam (administered by the South Carolina Community Health Worker Association).

PASOs Training for CHW Certification

The PASOs’ curriculum is based on the national level C3 Core Competencies’ recommendations, which are related to the central roles of CHWs and the skills and qualifications that have been collectively defined as essential competencies for CHW addressing health inequities in Hispanic and Latino communities. Additionally, this curriculum meets the localized standards put forth by the South Carolina Community Health Worker Association’s (SCCHWA) Core Competencies requirements for credentialing certification.

Entrenamiento de PASOs para Certificación de Promotores

El plan de estudios de PASOs está basado en las recomendaciones de las Competencias Básicas C3 a nivel nacional que se relacionan con las funciones centrales de los CHW y las habilidades y cualidades que se han definido colectivamente como competencias esenciales. Además, este plan de estudios cumple con los estándares localizados establecidos por las Competencias Básicas de South Carolina Community Health Worker Association (SCCHWA), permitiendo la certificación de los promotores de salud.

CHW Health and Racial Equity Training

Identifying how Community Health Workers (CHWs) can use their role in their communities to help transform health disparities into equity through interactive, reflective, and peer-to-peer learning. Topics covered will help CHWs advance health and racial equity in the workplace, communities, and within the CHW profession.

Oral Health Training

Developed in partnership with DHEC Department of Oral Health & SC Oral Health Coalition. Based on Smiles for Life curriculum, this training includes child oral health, adult oral health, geriatric oral health, and oral health during pregnancy. Learn how CHWs successfully address the oral health needs of the state and the needs of their participants.

CHW Supervisor Training

The CHW Supervisor Training is designed for individuals who want to gain a better understanding of the CHW Model in order to more effectively support the work of their CHWs in the field. This training provides supervisors with the opportunity to develop a better understanding of the critical role of CHWs in the communities they serve and how to address common challenges when supervising CHWs.

Perinatal CHW Workshop

The Perinatal CHW Workshop is a 30-hour interactive course that complements the CHW Core Competency Training with specific information and skills for working with families during the perinatal period (preconception, pregnancy, and up to the infant’s 2nd birthday). The workshop covers Life Course health, reproductive life planning, contraceptive counseling, stages of pregnancy and labor, developmental milestones, infant safety, and building CHW skills for the perinatal period.

LGBTQIA+ Training

Our LGBTQIA+ specialty track is a training course currently being co-developed by CCHA and the U of South Carolina’s School of Library and Information Science. With the input of participants who identify as members of the LGBTQIA+ community, the training helps CHWs gain a better understanding of the LGBGTQIA+ community, historical strengths and health barriers relevant to the community, and potential ways to support the community in efforts to work towards equitable health.

Opioid Misuse Prevention Training

The Opioid Use Disorder training includes discussion of topics including, but not limited to, opioid use disorder trends/statistics, opioid overdose prevention concepts, treatment and recovery concepts, communications strategies related to stigma, patient privacy considerations, and the role of CHWs in the effort to reduce the negative impacts of opioid use.

Chronic Disease Prevention and Management

CCHA is currently in the process of developing a chronic disease management and prevention specialty track training. The training is meant to serve as an introductory or “refresher” learning experience for CHWs or other community facing professionals who work with populations impacted by diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. 

Adolescent Maternal and Child Health Specialty Track Training

The Adolescent Maternal and Child Health Specialty Track was co-developed with Fact Forward. The training is designed to lay the foundation for CHWs or other health professionals with similar responsibilities who aim to provide quality care for adolescents with perinatal health needs.

Adolescent Sexual Health Specialty Track Training

The Adolescent Sexual Health Specialty Track was co-developed with Fact Forward. The training is designed to lay the foundation for CHWs or other health professionals with similar responsibilities who aim to provide quality support to adolescents navigating resources related to their sexual health.

CHWI Trainings Crafted to Meet Your Needs

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