Get Connected

Keep up with what is happening in the Southeast CHW Network by signing up for the Listserv.  Meeting invites, upcoming events, training opportunities, and other important information will be sent to you through the Listserv.


  • Send an e-mail to:
  • No subject
  • In body of the email type the following:
    Subscribe SE-CHW {Subscribers name}
    (for example: SUBSCRIBE SE-CHW John Doe)
  • Send the message without a signature

If the subscription is successfully sent, you will receive a message from the Listserv system informing you of your acceptance. If you have not been successful and need assistance please reach out to the network coordinator at .


To cancel your subscription to the Listserv, you can send an email message to the server hosting the specific list, for example,, and in the body of the message include the command: SIGNOFF SE-CHW.  You must send this command from the account you subscribed from (otherwise it won’t recognize you as a member and won’t delete your subscription).

Please share our one-pager with your networks.






Contact the Southeast CHW Network Coordinator at