Technical Assistance for Evidence-Based Integration of CHWs

Technical Assistance (TA) and Consultations

CCHA provides consultation and technical assistance to healthcare, community-based and other organizations on how to effectively:

  • Develop community health worker programs
  • Integrate community health workers (CHWs) into practice within healthcare and community-based settings
  • Extract data, develop data sets, and evaluate CHW program design


Our process is determined by the needs of our partners along
with a combination of CHW expertise and professionals who are
experienced in implementing effective CHW programs.

It can be simplified into three steps:

1. We schedule introductory meeting to determine the scope and needs of the project

2. We match our staff members to the project for best fit

3. We provide the specialized guidance and resources the organizations need to thrive


We Work Alongside You

Our TA staff work alongside organizations to identify needs and to support the design, implementation, evaluation, and expansion of CHW programs that adhere to best practices from the CHW field.

Our team provides consultation and technical assistance on how to effectively develop CHW programs, integrate the CHW model into practice, and develop data collection and evaluation plans for CHW programs.