Community Engagement, Social Determinants of Health, and Health Equity

Community Engagement Towards Health Equity

The National Endowment for the Arts describes what exactly “community engaged design” is in this brief video.

Why Community Health Partnership is Key to Drive Health Equity

CCHA’s Executive Director talks about why meaningful, authentic community relationships are essential to advancing health equity in this article.

Achieving health equity requires creativity and a willingness to go beyond the walls of hospitals and clinics. Ronald L. Copeland, MD, FACS, of Kaiser Permanente, tells the story of how his organization closed the hypertension control equity gaps between their African American patients and other populations.

Health Equity

What is Health Equity?

 It is easy to confuse Health Equity with Health Equality. If you want to learn a bit more about the difference and get a better understanding about the principles of health equity, check out this helpful infographic created by the Allies for Reaching Community Health Equity. It answers the question “what is health equity?” and explains the differences between equality and equity.

Social Determinants of Health

What Are Social Determinants of Health?

This resource from the CDC goes into detail about social determinants of health and how they contribute to health inequities.

Meanings and Misunderstandings: A Social Determinants of Health Lexicon for Health Care Systems

Learn more about social determinants of health and the language used to talk about them.

Discrimination: A Social Determinant of Health Inequities

Read about how discrimination is a social determinant of health equity.