SC Community Health Worker Prioritization Index

The Community Health Worker (CHW) prioritization index was designed by the SC Center for Rural and Primary Healthcare and the Center for Community Health Alignment, to indicate the level of need for Community Health Workers in a given area in South Carolina. The higher the score, the higher the need for a Community Health Worker in that location.

How to use it: Click on the layer to see the map. Only the top layer you choose will be exhibited on the map, please be sure to uncheck other layers. You can click on an area to see the values for each measure on the map.

The index is the summation of the Standardized Rates for the percentage uninsured rate, per capita income (reversely ranked), percentage of population aged 65+ years, percentage of females age 15-49, percentage of low birth weight, providers per 1,000 (reversely ranked), Infant Mortality Rate (IMR), number of FQHC/RHC (reversely ranked), and ED visit rate. Z-score standardization is utilized for these indicators.

The index is calculated by the Min-Max scaling standardization of total CHW scores. Each component is presented as a map layer as well.

Map of South Carolina with rural and primary healthcare facilities marked