PASOs mission is to help the Latino community and service providers work together for healthy and strong families. PASOs uses the Community Health Worker (CHW) model to find and train grassroots leaders in Latino communities, who are referred to as Promotores. Since their founding, PASOs has trained over 150 Promotores in relevant information regarding Latino experiences and cultures, resources available to families, outreach techniques, and immigrant rights.

PASOs is an integral part of the Center for Community Health Alignment, working together to alongside our other initiatives to advance health equity. Both PASOs and CCHA work have the same shared goals; to advance health equity, build strong Community Health Worker and Promotores programs, and promote meaningful community engagement. Together, CCHA and PASOs are able to serve more South Carolina residents by combining their areas of expertise to achieve the shared goal of building strong and healthy communities.

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Community Based Programs

PASOs Health Connections

Promotores work with all members of Latino households in a variety of settings to connect them with health and community services, as well as engaging in outreach and leadership training to increase local capacity. CHWs also help community members address social or environmental factors which could include connection to primary care, reproductive health needs, and nutrional and social supports. PASOs also works to improve access to culturally appropriate resources by partnering with local groups. Health Connections is offered in Midlands, Greenville Area, Low Country, Tri County Area, Spartanburg, and Georgetown.

PASOs Connections for Child Development

PASOs CHWs screen children’s development at the family’s home, or at other sites such as clinics or libraries. CHWs will then refer children who exhibit developmental needs to the appropriate resources, therapies, and specialty care. In 2019, PASOs CHWs gave over 400 children developmental screenings and provided education to over 350 parents about supporting their child’s development at home. PASOs offers this program in Low Country, Midlands, Tri County Area, and Spartanburg.