CCHA Adolescent Health Initiatives with Fact Forward

CCHA has partnered with Fact Forward to support the planning and implementation of two new projects. Fact Forward, formerly the South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, has led a statewide effort to advocate for teen reproductive health since 1994. The mission of Fact Forward is to improve the health and economic well-being of individuals, communities, and the state of South Carolina by preventing teen pregnancy. To achieve its mission, Fact Forward works with a variety of programs – public, private, school, and community-based – in each region of the state. With this new collaborative effort, CCHA will provide expertise in the development and facilitation of training for Community Health Workers (CHWs) working with adolescents and young parents in targeted counties across South Carolina. Additionally, CCHA will provide one-on-one consultation with community-based organizations and three health care systems on the best practices for the implementation of the CHW model.

The projects described are supported by Grant Number 1 TP1AH000216-01-00 and Grant Number 1 TP2AH000064-01-00 from the HHS Office of Population Affairs.