Mom and Baby Collaborative Grant

The Center for Community Health Alignment (CCHA) at the USC Arnold School of Public Health, with funding from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation of South Carolina, is making grants available to organizations who wish to replicate one or more of these three perinatal community health worker (PCHW) models in a new community in South Carolina: BirthMatters, SC Office of Rural Health / Family Solutions (SCORH/FS), and PASOs.

The EACH Mom & Baby Collaborative is a group of perinatal health leaders who have intentionally combined efforts to maximize our impact on South Carolina families. Our vision is that all families in the state have the opportunity for healthy pregnancy and infant outcomes, with support to address their health and social needs from an experienced, culturally effective, trained PCHW. For more information about these models, best practices, resources needed, and evaluation, please consult the EACH Mom and Baby PCHW Toolkit (add link here).

There is funding for two programs, with up to $100,000 available in year one (calendar year 2022) and $75,000 in year two (calendar year 2023). Grantees will receive training and technical assistance from EACH Collaborative members.

Interested organizations should read the toolkit carefully to determine their capacity and fit for replicating one or more of these models. If you are interested, please attend the open webinar on PCHW model replication on Wednesday, August 11 from 12:00-1:00 (please contact Sarah  Covington-Kolb for the zoom link – will be recorded and shared for those who cannot attend.

The first step in applying for funds to replicate these PCHW models is to send a letter of interest (LOI) by 5:00pm on Friday, August 27 to Sarah Covington-Kolb at

Want to apply for this grant? Download our Letter of Interest form to learn more about the procedures and requirements to access funding.

Unsure how to manage the money? Download our budget sheet to better organize your finances when you get started!

Additional Information

A recording of the Applicant Information Webinar can be found here.

View the EACH Collaborative Slide Set here.


1. Can we do more than one model?

YES. We are very interested in how you “layer” different PCHW models into your current work and you can implement more than one.

2. If there isn’t a PCHW program where we are, how do we start one?

Great question – it could be that an organization nearby, or one that does similar work in your area, is interested in “housing” the PCHW program. Please contact us and we can help you with connecting with potential organizations.

3. Does your area have to be considered “high need” on the CHW Prioritization Index to be eligible?

No. That’s just an example of one way that you might define need for a PCHW in your community of focus.

4. What are the areas of highest need?

We do not have any definition that we want to make you use. Please have a look at your community and what kinds of perinatal assets/advantages and needs/challenges they have, and how a PCHW model of care may help in that situation. We want to hear from you about the community needs.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sarah Covington-Kolb at or (803) 200-2183.